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Unravelling the Sleeve of Despair June 7, 2007

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I feel that lately I spend more time unravelling than ravelling. Why can’t I ever just knit a scarf? Instead, I kinda fake a gauge swatch and knit a time machine, then go back in time to knit my own wedding dress, only to realize — too late — that to do this ensures I never exist in the first place. And all because the gauge swatch only matched stitches per inch — not rows per inch.

This, incidentally, is not why I am unravelling the Sleeve of Despair. It is why I am unravelling the Vee Sweater, (on the right) one of many lovely Chiagu patterns. I am so disappointed because I did do a gauge swatch, only I didn’t think it was going to matter that my rows per inch were completely different until something awful happened and then I knew. I was knitting it with Malabrigo Peach Tree, in worsted, and sometimes it was the exact color of me, and now I’m taking it apart. Hopefully something else will come up.

The Sleeve of Despair (on the left) is part of the Striped Sweater of Awesomeness. (That’s how it fools you, you’re doing the awesome part and then you die.) I saw the MagKnits Fibonacci Cardigan, and realized that I have all this Blue Sky Cotton yarn in pretty, harmonious colors, and gee wouldn’t they be pretty on a little girl, and, hey, I have one of those, and so I cast on, using the Seamless Yoke Cardigan pattern from Ann Budd’s sweater pattern book and a fibonacci sequence I find pleasing to the eye.

The yoke was going great, and then a minor chord sounded, and I was lost in the Sleeve of Despair. I am now frogging it FOR THE FOURTH TIME. The first time I cast on the wrong number of stitches. The second time I started striping merrily but forgot to increase. The third time I can’t even remember what I did wrong, but it was wrong. This time I have come to realize that the fibonacci sequence is too short for the sleeve length and won’t perfectly match the cardigan body anyway, and I can’t seem to stripe and increase at the same time on a sleeve, so I’m just going to do both sleeves in the same color as the body ribbing. The. End.

So I’ll have to buy another ball of Blue Sky cotton in Shrimp. At the yarn store. Oh how sad.