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Another Sweater Done September 9, 2007

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Princess + Sweater

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The Fibonacci Striped Sweater languished in a basket all summer.

Why? Because I hate doing one-row button-holes, not to mention how much I dislike picking up stitches.

Solution: After ripping the button bands a couple times (gotta love frigging, I mean frogging) I realized that what I really wanted to do was to crochet these things. I like single crochet. It was so fast, I felt sorry for the earlier, dumber self who sat there knitting these little creeps.

Then began the Weaving of the Ends. So many Ends. I had not known knitting had undone so many. The Ends took almost as long as knitting the darn thing, not to mention finding the buttons. It will be a while before I knit another striped cardigan, that is certain.

But it is done! And doesn’t the Princess look happy? She was looking askance at me for a while after I finished the cardigan for the Pie. Being a big sister is hard — there should be some perks.