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Commitment March 22, 2008

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I’m not great at committing when it comes to knitting. (See: my Warm Shawl.) I get all excited by the first glow of casting on, watching the pattern begin to develop, and then I see a new pattern in Interweave or on Knitty, and suddenly my project (i.e. Warm Shawl) is gathering dust and sending me accusing glances across the room while I cast on another scarf.

I’m better at the one-week-stands, the hats and scarves. But this is not a project I can abandon. Besides its staggering expense, it is the symbolic house under which my baby sister will be married. It must be finished.

I’ve been married for nearly nine years, and we’ve been together for more than a third of our lives. It’s hard work. We have two loud, bossy, happy kids, a job and numerous hobbies between us. Sometimes time flies, sometimes we’re getting through it from minute to minute. We have built something magic out of the mundane, making loads of dishes and diaper changes into a net that holds us all together, binding us through blood, vows, and love.

I want this for my sister, too. So I knit a special fabric to cover her and her husband-to-be, as they repeat the same vows we did.

I knit and knit, taking brief breaks to whip up a scarf. And the chuppah grows. I cast off with a crochet hook and some waste yarn just to see how big it was. It’s about 53″ across at the widest point without any real blocking. And all I had to do was to keep knitting.