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Urban Fauna Studio August 30, 2008

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Well, that was quite a Sunset adventure for a Saturday morning. A new fibercraft shop — Urban Fauna Studio — opened ten blocks from my house!!!!!

When the Princess and I rounded the corner at 16th Avenue, we were worried the massive line out the door was just to GET INTO the shop, but, as it turned out, they were having some first-day computer issues.

The shop is tiny and was so overwhelmed we waited over an hour to buy our goodies. But how great is it to live in a city where a fledgling craft shop can be so swamped on the very first day, thanks to buzz on the Internets?

I was able to snap up a free goody bag with purchase (contained a stitch marker, o-wool sample, tape measure, and embroidery iron-on patterns among other items).

A frantic initial eyeballing (before I jumped in that ever-lengthening line) revealed some be sweet and o-wool yarns, a good bit of roving, spinning wheels and spindles. Everyone was sweet and apologetic. They promise classes and workshops as well. There was a demonstration of a tiny Hazel Rose reclaimed-wood loom that led to the Princess demanding (and receiving) one.

I bought a drop spindle and an ounce of Corriedale roving! Uh oh.


Law & Order: Malabrigo Edition August 15, 2008

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Raise my children, or knit?

The choice is obvious.

Televised police procedural shows do an excellent job of raising children. From the flagship Law & Order they learn their place in a just society. From Law & Order: SVU they learn that every stranger is a homicidal maniac.

From Law & Order: CI they learn that Bobby Goren can smell the crushing childhood trauma behind their despicable crimes.

While my children, both under nine, learn how to identify whether an unidentified murder victim has recently eaten spaghetti, I continue to knit this pretty sweater. I can’t get over how fun knitting with this yarn is.

I plan to cast on the first sleeve during !gymnastics and Chicago-style deep dish pizza! tonight.

Apparently if I spent every free moment knitting I would get a lot more knitting done.


I Want To Take This Sweater Back Behind the Middle School August 13, 2008

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I love this sweater so much, I love Malabrigo Chunky so much, it is a lucky thing this sweater is not human or the sanctity of my marriage might be in danger.

My fingers don’t hurt (yet), but I’m really hoping to finish the second and third cable patterns tonight, if I can stop falling asleep during the Olympics. The Games are riveting, but the three-year-old is keeping farm hours these days. Someone please tell him no one in the City needs to get up at 5 AM unless they have a JOB.


I Got Blisters On Me Fingers August 12, 2008

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Yes, I am participating in the Knitting Olympics. Yes, I am already behind. Yes, I am moderately stressed about it. Hobbies are so fun!

The pattern is “Hooded Pullover” from Vogue Knitting Fall ’08. It seems to have been published not-in-English before, I’ll research its provenance at some point.

It’s really fun, because it’s a pretty cable suspended in the middle of mindless stockinette. So traditional Stockinette Malaise isn’t setting in. I am knitting it, of course, in Malabrigo Chunky because it is my love. I LOVE it. It loves me too.

I’m in this to win this! I can do it.


Buttons are our friends August 9, 2008

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Secret Projects complete. Will be mailed to target mommy today. More details once projects are opened at Baby Shower.

For those who will know: Presto Chango is freaking genius. I could make twelve of them.

Also: buttons really make a project, don’t they?

These are from Britex Fabrics in San Francisco. They have over 30,000 button styles according to their website. I agree: I am certain I looked at every one before I chose these.