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Math FAIL January 29, 2009

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So, flush with the success of my first two hats from Boutique Knits, I thought I’d go crazy and knit a third one, this time with Fair Isle because I was feeling sassy.

I cast on 4 times 19 stitches, which equals 96, right?

[Ed.: This woman cast on half-asleep, while watching Intervention: Meth Mountain, instead of taking a nap during the toddler’s naptime. While watching less sensationalist fare, such as Law & Order: SVU, and while at least two-thirds awake, she is perfectly capable of simple multiplication.]

It was really, really fast! And really small! I pre-gifted it to my noticeably big-headed daughter and told myself it would stretch with time. I finished the ribbing during 3-year-old soccer practice, and was so full of hubris that I documented that for posterity.
I cheerfully started doing the colorwork after kids’ bedtime [Ed.: Still tired!], only to find that it didn’t seem to compute.

I even had the audacity to search for errata online.

Then it just came to me, as if the gods who monitor for knitting hubris had seen the red point that represents me flickering wildly on some computer screen.

4 times 19 is 76. 76 is not 96, nor will it ever be, however much I yell at the tangled pile of frogged hat on the floor.


I’m Like A Sockoholic, But For Hats January 26, 2009

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I am really enjoying my romp through Boutique Knits, which I received as a surprising, most excellent and well-thought-out birthday present. The book contains lots of interesting “dressmaker detail” tutorials, lovely photos, and six hats. So far I’ve knit two of the hats in two weeks, which, if not a world record, is pretty impressive given how many other things I’m supposed — nay, required by law — to be doing with my hands.
The hat pictured above is the Side Slip Cloche, certainly the prettiest little hat I have ever knit for myself. My stoic picture really doesn’t do it justice — it rocks a great Clara Bow vibe. I’ve already gotten a request to knit it up in green (since completing it this afternoon), which sounds basically awesome. Yarn is, of course, Malabrigo, in Burgundy. Tragically, I am finally running out of the stash of Malabrigo worsted and chunky I bought for my birthday last year. Stupid global financial crisis: what won’t you ruin?

I also knit Irwin’s Fawn Earflap Hat while I was at it:
People Shooting Hat

Why am I knitting hats? Simple, really: hats are portable; hats can be knit in chunky yarn, which makes them fast; I have other knitting I should be doing but can’t get the materials for yet (see: Global Financial Crisis).

Also, hats are fun, and everyone likes to see an interesting hat and make much over it.

So there is that.

Next on the agenda: Chuppah II: Electric Hora, aka Bride of Chuppah, aka I need to start swatching for an October chuppah really, really soon.

First I need some sort of yarn bailout plan.


How Not To Blog January 20, 2009

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For me, knitting and writing are sometimes mutually exclusive: not enough hands.

Over the last few months, I’ve discovered that knitting and writing fiction AND blogging are a difficult juggling act indeed.

I have been knitting — almost exclusively hats, but I’m also almost done with the Hanukkah sweaters I started, at the same time, right between second midterms and exams.

First of all, I’ve been trying to find the perfect (for me) stockinette Malabrigo Chunky hat pattern. I sincerely love cabling, but sometimes that is just not where my mind is, part of the reason my Tangled Yoke Cardigan is waiting for me to knit the, ah, Tangled Yoke.

Sometimes, in fact, my mind wants a stockinette beanie that looks like a blue, slightly melted chocolate kiss:

Malabrigo Kiss
In other news, I’m particularly pleased with the Charlie Brown-esque 70s sweater I have almost finished:
Charlie Brown
I used Ann Budd’s one-pattern-fits-all child’s raglan sweater, along with a surprisingly small quantity of Brown Sheep Chunky.

This was supposed to be a less stripey sweater, but I ran out of one yarn color, which I always do, and couldn’t find the right color to match it, which always happens.

Clearly, I worked one short row too many on the back side, but I think part of the bunching in back is that the sweater’s a little too wide in the shoulders. I’m hoping blocking will somehow magically fix this. [prays to knitting goddess in her little rocking chair on Olympus]

I had no idea it was called this, but Double Knit In Join changed my attitude toward color changes. Now I stripe all the time, with something like enthusiasm. I only have about five or six ends left, and there should be approximately one million given how many stripes there are.

Now: back to writing (fiction) and knitting (another hat).