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I’m Like A Sockoholic, But For Hats January 26, 2009

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I am really enjoying my romp through Boutique Knits, which I received as a surprising, most excellent and well-thought-out birthday present. The book contains lots of interesting “dressmaker detail” tutorials, lovely photos, and six hats. So far I’ve knit two of the hats in two weeks, which, if not a world record, is pretty impressive given how many other things I’m supposed — nay, required by law — to be doing with my hands.
The hat pictured above is the Side Slip Cloche, certainly the prettiest little hat I have ever knit for myself. My stoic picture really doesn’t do it justice — it rocks a great Clara Bow vibe. I’ve already gotten a request to knit it up in green (since completing it this afternoon), which sounds basically awesome. Yarn is, of course, Malabrigo, in Burgundy. Tragically, I am finally running out of the stash of Malabrigo worsted and chunky I bought for my birthday last year. Stupid global financial crisis: what won’t you ruin?

I also knit Irwin’s Fawn Earflap Hat while I was at it:
People Shooting Hat

Why am I knitting hats? Simple, really: hats are portable; hats can be knit in chunky yarn, which makes them fast; I have other knitting I should be doing but can’t get the materials for yet (see: Global Financial Crisis).

Also, hats are fun, and everyone likes to see an interesting hat and make much over it.

So there is that.

Next on the agenda: Chuppah II: Electric Hora, aka Bride of Chuppah, aka I need to start swatching for an October chuppah really, really soon.

First I need some sort of yarn bailout plan.


3 Responses to “I’m Like A Sockoholic, But For Hats”

  1. leslie Says:

    electric hora?? haha I don’t want to know.

    Im glad you loved the book!

  2. KT120 Says:

    I understand the hat obsession, they are a fun knit. Love your FO’s and can understand why those needed to be done. Oh, you are hilarious.

  3. Maria Says:

    Hey, love your interpretation of the hats. They look really cute!

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