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Ravelympics Wrap-Up: Bringing the Pain September 9, 2008

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Cable Sweater 1

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My Knitting Olympics project is long done, but I only just now took the photo.

I knit this sweater:

— on my couch
— in the car on the way to vacation
— on the 5 South
— at rest stops
— in San Pedro
— in Orange County traffic
— until I ran out of yarn.


So I almost finished before the Olympics, but then my yarn betrayed me. Webs is a superhero though, and the yarn arrived the day after the closing ceremonies, allowing me to power through.

Some might think I did not knit the hood because I was so tired of knitting the sweater. FALSE. I decided that I never actually use the hoods that come with hoodies, so there.

Yarn: Malabrigo Chunky in Lettuce, my favorite yarn in my favorite shade
Pattern: Hooded Pullover from Vogue Knitting Fall 2008
Size: Small, but only because I am so short. It’s a pretty huge sweater.
First Mod: I continued the cabling for another repeat on the sleeves because I liked the look COUGH forgot to stop COUGH
Second Mod: Added short rows to raise the back of the neck.

Verdict: Not bad for a first adult sweater. I have learned my lesson on several fronts.

I am trying to look fierce, but apparently I look like I just accidentally kicked a puppy

I am trying to look fierce, but apparently I look like I just accidentally kicked a puppy

1) Swatch better. Lazy swatching (you know, that 1 inch by 1 inch square kind of nonsense) resulted in a huge sweater.

2) Measure my body.

3) Pay attention to how much yarn you have, especially before leaving on vacation.

4) I almost died finishing this in two weeks. But now I have a sweater for the end of Fall Semester, when the wind and rain roar over SFSU and I perish of hypothermia!

Yay me.


Urban Fauna Studio August 30, 2008

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Well, that was quite a Sunset adventure for a Saturday morning. A new fibercraft shop — Urban Fauna Studio — opened ten blocks from my house!!!!!

When the Princess and I rounded the corner at 16th Avenue, we were worried the massive line out the door was just to GET INTO the shop, but, as it turned out, they were having some first-day computer issues.

The shop is tiny and was so overwhelmed we waited over an hour to buy our goodies. But how great is it to live in a city where a fledgling craft shop can be so swamped on the very first day, thanks to buzz on the Internets?

I was able to snap up a free goody bag with purchase (contained a stitch marker, o-wool sample, tape measure, and embroidery iron-on patterns among other items).

A frantic initial eyeballing (before I jumped in that ever-lengthening line) revealed some be sweet and o-wool yarns, a good bit of roving, spinning wheels and spindles. Everyone was sweet and apologetic. They promise classes and workshops as well. There was a demonstration of a tiny Hazel Rose reclaimed-wood loom that led to the Princess demanding (and receiving) one.

I bought a drop spindle and an ounce of Corriedale roving! Uh oh.


Knitting in the Snow, Day One January 19, 2008

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I’m on location in our nation’s capital, totally knitting all our federally-funded yarn. (Thanks, Yarn Lobby!) Being in Washington is like living in a veryEverything in DC looks like this. cold one dollar bill. There’s a statue of a Founding Father on, like, every single corner without exception.

It snows here! I’m so glad I finished my mittens before I left. I’m completely outfitted in knitted accessories — cabled hat, Shifting Sands Scarf, and the super-fast Ann Budd all-purpose mitten pattern. I’m so proud I made these things for myself. They’re so warm! I was afraid that not having Polarfleece technology would leave me shuddering, but that’s just not accurate. News Flash: it’s recently been discovered that wool is totally competent at keeping extremities from freezing.

I’ve been trying to knit on the superefficient DC Metro, but it’s too fast. By the time I get my totally too big to carry around Top Secret Knitting Project out and start knitting, we have to run off the train in a hurry because we’ve arrived at some storied Washington destination in approximately four seconds. The Dowager Princess (AKA Auntie, Esq.) dropped my ball of yarn in the middle of Union Station Plaza and we got about thirty feet of unraveled Malabrigo before she noticed. We yelled at each other like tourists from New York. It was embarrassing.