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Kismet December 24, 2007

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Some yarns need time to find their perfect project. Take my Misti Pima and Silk, for example. After tormenting me for years — it’s one of the first yarns I stashed — I finally made it into matching hats for the Princess and her auntie, the Dowager Princess. The hats have great sheen, although in retrospect a pima and silk hat is silly for an eight-year-old to wear to school. Her version of the hat looks like it hangs out beneath its station a lot.

I have finally found the project for my Malabrigo in Peach Tree. First I tried to make a Vee Pullover, with unsexy results (I still think my mistakes have to do with temporary retardation on my part, but I can’t figure out how for obvious reasons). Then I knit about five hundred swatches, thinking I was going to design a sweater, which I was not going to do. Then I tried to make a Puffed Wheat sweater, but forgot where I was when I got back to it.

GrannyTonight I began a Gynormous Granny Square. The colors look fabulous. My crocheting is rusty but once you get the hang of a granny square it crochets itself. (The) bomb diggity, it is. I will keep grannying until my yarn is gone, which should last me through many nocturnal adventures with Briscoe and the Gang while I am trying not to pick up 256 stitches for my Warm Shawl.

I had forgotten how FAST crochet is. I’ve been knitting my Shawl on size 4s and some glurves on size 1s and they have been taking the years off my life, row by row. I already have almost a 12 inch by 12 inch Gynormous. Are we still allowed to say w00t, or is that over now? w00t anyway.